The review about Superhero’s Boots-adidas Pro Vision

adidas Pro Vision is one of the adidas basketball shoes inspired by street basketball. Compared with the Marquee Boost, N3XT L3V3L, which is released at the same time, the Pro Vision positioning with the full Bounce midsole is more popular, but how is the actual performance? Bring a test report to everyone immediately.

The Xiaobian test is the Captain Marvel color scheme. One of the earlier adidas X Marvel series colors, the ad used WNBA star Candace Parker as a superhero. At the NBA celluloid, Donovan Mitchell also wears Pro Vision PE color matching from time to time.

The body of the shoe is made of synthetic leather and breathable mesh. The midsole is covered with a full-length BOUNCE. The large-size tongue is designed with a piece of nylon fabric split on three sides (different color materials are used).

It is easy to wear for the first time. After loosening the shoelace, the whole piece of the tongue can be turned up. After wearing it, the shoe body is hard. It may be because of the special color matching to make the Captain Marvel shape, and the color blocks used are more. The softness of the body is reduced, the position of the forefoot flexing will be affected by the color block (refer to the drawing), and the air permeability is also affected; the whole palm BOUNCE midsole, the forefoot is thin and the feeling is not obvious, and the hind paw elasticity Moderate, it provides enough cushioning, but it is just enough to compare with the comfort that BOOST brings.

The sneakers are designed in the middle tube. The height of the shoe is just wrapped around the eyes. The heel is filled with fillers to fill the gap between the feet and the shoes. Then the shoelace is used to adjust the leather parts on both sides to press inward. The tongue covers the feet and provides a good sense of wrap; when making various emergency stop turns during the test, the feet do not slip in the shoes, there is no distortion, and the forefoot has an outrigger design. The middle tube design is matched with a good package, so that the small series can be safely jumped or cut, and the overall protection is excellent.

The soles are lined with herringbone lines. They also carefully draw a part of the lines in different directions on the outside, so that you can grasp the ground and make the next move when sprinting or traversing, and add the forefoot BOUNCE to the thinner and the ground. The sneakers have further improved reaction performance.

After indoor and outdoor testing, the soles are very abrasive and do not stick to a lot of dust. The surface materials are also very hard to feel. I believe that they can support the days before or outside.

Sneakers have impressed Xiaobian in terms of protection and wrap, and the reactivity is good, but the hardening and BOUNCE’s cushioning performance is not ideal. If the budget is not high and the protection and durability are pursued, Pro Vision is also a good one. Good choice.

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